The story of a boy
and his drums...
Jump forward nine years!  I finally have all the parts.  The red pearl wrap was the hardest.  I ordered a sample from one of the domestic drum part suppliers and it was too orange.  I ordered a sample from a German company and it was too pink and poorly constructed. 

I kept on pestering the suppliers to see if they could order a darker red pearl from the Italian maker.  A few months later a new red pearl replaced the orange tinted red pearl: Ruby Red Pearl.  Although none of the suppliers ever confirmed it, I will continue to claim that my pestering was the impetus for this change until someone tells me to shut up. The above photo on the left shows the true colors of the German wrap (bottom) and the Ruby wrap. On the right is a flash photo of the wraps. The photos on the German supplier's website made the wrap look redder rather than its true pink. Unfortunately the German wrap has the right pearl pattern size. Color is more noticeable than the pearl size so the ruby red is the way I'm going.

So, final step, I order my shells.

2 months later I get a big box on my porch:

Luckily the shells appear undamaged: